Vancouver Avalon Centre


2 pm to 4 pm
Saturday, November 24, 2018

Learn some self-care strategies to help support you through the winter and holiday season.
Facilitator: Gail Howell-Jones

By donation. To register call Vancouver Centre 604.263.7177.


From Surviving to Thriving

Mondays 2 pm to 4 pm
Begins October 15,  2018 for 8 weeks.

Add to your recovery toolbox this 8 week CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) class.
You will learn:

  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Self care strategies
  • SMART goal setting
  • Effective ways to overcome negative self talk.

Instructor Darlene Arseneault is a mental health professional and a trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapy facilitator.

By donation. To register call Vancouver Centre 604.263.7177.


White Rock Centre

Art Expressive Therapy Group Series

Begins November 3, 2018 for 6 weeks

Use art and creativity to access new insights, strengths and emotional well-being in a solution oriented way. Unlike traditional  art expression, the process of creation is emphasized rather than the final product.  No artistic ability required!

Facilitator: Robby-Lynn Shearer, Expressive Arts Therapist


Breathe Workshop Series

Fridays 1 pm to 2 pm
Begins September 14, 2018 for 3 weeks

Facilitator:  Evelyn Logue


Forgiveness and the Grieving Process

Dates TBA

Facilitators: Nadine Bell (Yoga Teacher), and Arlene Geres (Registered Counselor)



Vision Board Workshop

12 pm to 2 pm

Friday, August 31, 2018


North Shore Centre

Codependency: The Abandonment of Self

Mindful Meditation for Recovery

Yoga for Recovery

Managing Anxiety: A Body and Mind Integrated Approach

Stop Battling Yourself and Start Living with Yourself

The Practice of Art: Exploring Identity through Art

Steps 1, 2 & 3: Building a Foundation

Dates TBA

Women’s Retreat Step 11 – Nurturing Practice.

May 25th to 27th, 2018
Siddhartha’s Intent Sea to Sky Retreat Centre on Daisy Lake by Garibaldi Provincial Park.
Secluded 40 acre site of extraordinary natural beauty, Siddhartha’s Intent Sea to Sky Retreat Centre is an elegant Buddhist and non-sectarian Retreat Centre.

Includes 6 delicious home-cooked vegetarian meals and clean comfortable shared accommodation.

Meditation and Breath Work
Gentle Yoga
Vegetarian Food
Nature Walk
Quiet Reflection
Recovery Yoga

Facilitators: Angela von Werder Certified Recovery Life Coach, Mindful Meditation Teacher
Sue Olson 500 hr. Certified Yoga teacher specializing in trauma and recovery. Y12SR, CPT

Presented by: Avalon Recovery Society and Soroptimist International of North & West Vancouver

Please bring a notebook, water bottle, small towel and yoga mat! Namaste
North Shore Centre 604 913-0477


Vancouver Centre

Anxiety & How to Manage It

Saturday December 2nd, 2017 2-4:30pm

by donation; please register 604-263-7177
Facilitator: Carrie DeJong RCC


Abracadabra- The Magic of Change

Saturday September 30th, 2017 2-4:30pm

by donation; please register 604-263-7177


It’s All About Me & Co-Dependency

Saturday April 29th, 2017 2-4:30pm

by donation; registration requested 604-263-7177


Improving the Digestive System

Friday March 31st, 2017 2-3:30

by donation; registration requested 604-263 7177
Facilitator: Patricia Kelly R.H.N.


Food Intolerances

Saturday February 25, 2017, 2-3:30

by donation; registration requested 604–263-7177
Facilitator: Patricia Kelly R.H.N.


Nutrition for the Mind (including depression & anxiety)

Saturday January 28, 2017 2-4pm

by donation; registration requested 604-263-7177
Facilitator: Patricia Kelly R.H.N.


Balancing Your Blood Sugar Levels

at November 26th, 2016 2-4pm

by donation; registration requested 604-263-7177


North Shore Avalon Workshops

Presented by West Vancouver Community Foundation and the City of North Vancouver.

To register for any of these workshops or for more information call Heide 604.913.0477

Thriving Through the Holidays

December (first 2 weekends)
4 sessions of 3-hour workshops

Presented by Vicky Frederiksen, Program Facilitator at Bridge Point Center for Eating Disorders


The Joy & Wonder of Mindful-Eating

Monday December 7th, 2015
9:45 am – 11:45 am

Presented by Gina Vanderham, MA, MFT, ICADC, SAP, CEAP


Women’s Wisdom Circle (for women in stable or long-term recovery)

Saturdays 10 am – 11:30 am

Presented by Angela von Werder, Recovery Life Coach


Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (8 week series)

September 24th to November 12th
Child-minding provided

Presented by Margaret Jones Callahan MA, RCC, BCATR, CATR


Co-Dependency – The Abandonment of Self

October 27th, 2015
Full day workshop

Co-facilitated by:
Sharon Jackson, ICADC, CIP and
Gina Vanderham, MA, MFT, ICADC, SAP, CEAP


Therapeutic writing workshop – Recovering Unique Stories

October 7, 2015

Co-Presented by:
Charlotte Wieliczko MSocSc , RCC and
Carmen Ostrander, Art Therapist




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